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Don’t Be a Square: 10 Tips for Betting on Football

He loses year after year, according to Dan Gordon, a top football handicapper and author of How to Beat the Sports Books (Cardoza Publishing 2005). Avoid Chasing Bets – “Don’t do it! There is no worse way to mismanage your bankroll than to chase your bets after a losing day,” cautions Moseman on the dangerous practice of trying to immediately… Read more »

Don’t Be a Square: 10 Tips for Betting on Football

Certainly not back into the pockets of the average bettor. “Thus, the bookies love and cherish the squares.” 8. Locks Don’t Exist – “Anyone who has watched sports for about a month realizes that the difference between winning and losing, especially against the spread, can be infinitesimally small,” Gordon says. The NFL, for example, will have very similar numbers at… Read more »

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troops, experts said. 10:04am EST GENEVA The United Nations reaffirmed on Friday that m88a torture is illegal and that refugees deserve protection, while ducking any direct criticism of remarks made by new U.S. President Donald Trump. Microsoft Corp’s market capitalization topped $500 billion for the first time since 2000 on Friday, after the technology giant’s stock rose following another quarter… Read more »

Divisional-round NFL betting takeaways – ABC News

That started a run of 19 straight points by the Falcons as they took control of the game and led 26-10 midway through the third quarter. Massey-Peabody numbers say: Pittsburgh played 9 points better than Kansas City. After favorites went 4-0 ATS in the wild-card round, they improved to 6-0 ATS in the playoffs after the Atlanta Falcons and New… Read more »

Online Gambling’s Good for U.S.

First, online technology renders prohibition futile. Increased competition results in a more efficient allocation of resources, as gambling providers attempt to maintain and attract new customers. Online gambling can be regulated effectively and without excessive cost, to standards that will provide strong protections for consumers and vulnerable players. Many federal and state-level politicians want to legalize online gambling, which Congress… Read more »

Handicapping Seven Furlong Races For Horse Racing Betting Profit

They seem to be the yardsticks we measure by, though some might argue that the one mile distance is more popular the Mile and an eighth. Sometimes they don’t seem to be able to get going quick enough for the 6 furlong events and run out of steam in races of a mile or longer. When we think of the… Read more »

Trump nomination odds wane in online betting, third party run bets up | Reuters

It was independently created by the Reuters editorial staff. The last brokered Republican convention was in 1948, when New York Governor Thomas Dewey won in three ballots. They were 39 percent early on Friday. (Reporting by Dan Burns; Editing by Toni Reinhold) Odds on Rubio, a U.S. Trump’s chances of trouncing Clinton sank to 27 percent on Friday from 39… Read more »