The Fastest and Easiest Ways to Make Money in Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

This will ensure little to no damage to your ship and let you build a beginning fleet rather quickly with minimum hassle.

Enjoy the Ride

Although the fast travel system in this game is great for getting around, it can be just as enjoyable to enjoy the journey along the ocean. You can also pick up a lot of random bits of cargo and crew floating along the ocean. In the beginning of the game the easiest way to find one is to simply not lower your wanted level. While you might be an amazing captain and able to sail around all of those nasty water spouts, enemy ships aren’t always so lucky. This means getting in your ship and taking down as many ships as possible as quickly as possible.

Especially when attacking Schooners you will want to use your Swivel gun given their height compared to yours. And if you strategically fire at some of the gunpowder kegs sitting on deck when enemy soldiers are around you can get the fight over with before any of your crew manage to get on board. Extra damage to them with no cost to you can really help you out and make for some easy pickings.

First, upgrade your Ram as quickly as possible to at least level 2. Yet another reason to not use the fast travel in this game.

Online Activities

Although there are plenty of ways to get money without a connected console, you will make it a lot easier on yourself if you are connected to the outside world. It also plays well into the real money maker of this game.

Taking Down Ships

The absolute best way to make money in this game is to live up to your original title and be a pirate. Even though it won’t earn you a great amount of cash, you can sail the seas to recruit more crew and see all the ships that are sailing about. It can be a thing of beauty to watch a water spout rip through an entire fleet and leave a large number of them ripe for boarding. Yes, this may be in the form of cannon balls, but if you’ve rammed enough of the smaller ships it won’t be a big issue for the most part.

If you do find that these hunter ships are a bit difficult you should lure them back to an area of your choosing. After laying waste to a sea full of schooners you’re going to be ready to start taking on military vessels. Social Challenges can offer a variety of rewards through several different activities and the ‘Fleet’ minigame will also allow you to earn cash a lot faster then what you could normally in game.

. You’ll start to be attacked by pirate hunter ships soon enough and will start getting all the metal you can handle. You can even take out the escort ships of a convoy before anyone is aware by using this method, leaving the ship with the gold quite vulnerable.

Even if these activities eventually bring you down you won’t lose any of your earnings that you’ve managed to accrue, so don’t be afraid to ride your wave of violence as long as you can manage.

Take Advantage of the Weather

Are you sailing into a storm? Right now is the very best time to look around for some ships and the bigger the better. While you can get Cloth and Wood from any ship, the metal you need is on the military ones. If you’ve managed to claim one of the military fortresses they’ll happily fire on enemy ships that wander too close. Point it at the deck and you can take out multiple enemy sailors in one shot. It’s not the most exciting weapon in the game, but with an appropriately leveled Ram you can smack into Schooners on the northern half of the map and immediately disable them for boarding

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