Research and Markets: The Global Business of Online Sports Betting: A Market Assessment and Outlook 2010 Provides Case Studies of the Major Online Sportsbook Operators and Suppliers

It provides case studies of the major online sportsbook operators and suppliers and analyses them to determine their business models and revenue streams as well as who the winners and losers will be. With experienced and knowledgeable online gambling operators constructing suitable markets, responding to sports-based information and consumer investments, this can prove to be a profitable product, albeit within tight margins. In terms of new technology, the anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ convenient culture of mobile phones, combined with their status as a trusted device makes them ideally placed for offering betting services to customers. It means that all the information necessary for well-informed betting decisions is at the reach of players’ hands.

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the “The Global Business of Online Sports Betting: A Market Assessment and Outlook” report to their offering. Online Sports Betting: A Market Assessment and Outlook’ reveals that both personalization and localization of services are now high on the agenda of many gaming operators. Add to that the growth in social media, smartphone apps and microtransactions and times that by the growing number of people globally with broadband connections and wireless access, the future certainly looks rosy for online sportsbooks. Betting companies are indeed getting in on the act by increasingly offering mobile websites and smartphone applications. Not only are more people able to wager on sports through the internet than ever before, but the amount of information available freely online increases the chances of making bets strategically in a way that has never been possible previously. In essence, each online sportsbook operator is looking to participate in a sector becoming more socially acceptable and entertainment-based, benefiting from a liberalized regulatory structure in some markets, and enjoying growth across many key demographics including those that have been hard to reach through other types of gaming such as women. Furthermore, brands from other media or industries are increasingly being leveraged to appeal to these types of customers effectively. The internet teems with sports information services, sports betting guides, score lines, and fixture lists that are in the public domain.

Key Topics Covered:

About the Author Acknowledgements Executive Summary Chapter 1: Introduction Chapter 2: Customer Acquisition and Retention Chapter 3: Mobile Betting Chapter 4: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – Western and Northern Europe Chapter 5: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – Central, Eastern and Southern Europe Chapter 6: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – North America Chapter 7: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – Latin America Chapter 8: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – Asia-Pacific Chapter 9: Online Sports Betting Market Overviews – Africa Chapter 10: Sports Betting Data and Software Suppliers Chapter 11 – Online Sportsbook Operators Chapter 12 – Exchange Betting Operators Chapter 13: Outlook for Online Sports Betting

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Enetpulse Opta Sportsdata Sportradar Finsoft OpenBet Bodog Bwin Ladbrokes William Hill Betdaq Betfair

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. Furthermore, blogs, chats and forums have proliferated that are devoted to sports, offering sports betting predictions and tips and even odds comparison tools. Online Sports Betting: A Market Assessment and Outlook’ examines the main issues surrounding the growing online sportsbook industry including betting market overviews by region; areas of opportunity; factors affecting growth in the industry; the mobile revolution and how it is affecting sports betting offerings; marketing strategies of online sportsbooks; regulatory issues and demographics of players.

Sports betting has remained a popular pastime of sports fans everywhere, even despite the prolonged recent economic downturn. Understanding the demographics and motivations of sports bettors can greatly enhance the effectiveness of product development strategies and customer retention initiatives. It is no surprise therefore that betting on sporting events appeals greatly to consumers and is therefore a product that is in high demand

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