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How To Pick a Winner at the Dog Track With a Simple Trick

If there doesn’t seem to be any difference between them based on those things, I look for any little thing that one has going for it that the other doesn’t. If you handicap by picking the best dog out of 8 in a greyhound race, there’s a common problem. There are some other rare situations when I play two dogs… Read more »

Speculators in China offshore yuan forwards market bet on devaluation | Reuters

“So people are either looking for proxies or being more specific in terms of where they time their bets or put their money.” The NDF market shows the yuan staying close to the current spot rate of 6.58 per dollar for the next month, then falling 0.9 percent in the second month. (Editing by Richard Borsuk) “The market is betting… Read more »

Casino-Gaming :: Where to Play Bingo

This eliminates the element of human error and does away with the need for chips and markers. The player just dials the local number in whatever country she is in. People who play bingo could play in various land-based environments. Sites are available in different languages and accept multiple currencies. They were a popular form of entertainment for many players… Read more »